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Does your post mean that last night the heater was being fed a constant 12v with fuse replaced?

If the lambda signal voltage was still dubious with the heater working, I'd suggest the wisest route would be to put a wideband in and check to see if the narrowband is reporting correctly.

Incidentally, if the narrowband sensor is functional, if whilst logging the output using the hondata you were to blip the throttle, you should see the lambda voltage change to rich with throttle tip-in enrichment.

What brand of lambda are you running by the way? I first fitted a universal sensor I had lying around when I put my car together. Although it appeared to be working, for reasons I never bothered to fully investigate the ecu / engine didn't like it, the evidence being a minor miss-fire on idle. It suggested the lambda reported stochiometric incorrectly, causing the fuel trim to be lean. I put in a sensor from my donor car (damaged wires, but bodged to work) and all was well. My car for this reason has a NTK sensor fitted currently.


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