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I've used a couple of Lambda sensors: the first was from the donor but it had a longer lead, so I think it was actually the secondary O2 sensor from the car.

The second (and currently fitted) I bought off ebay and came from a civic type R. I don't know if there's any real difference between the two - they look identical apart from the stamped on part numbers and a shorter lead.

At idle the injector duty cycle is about 1 or 2%.

When the voltage reading was between 0.2v and 0.5v it was dependant on throttle position.

Currently the voltage (at idle) is about 0.2v to 0.23v and is pretty stable, although it occasionally drops down to almost 0v. From memory a blip didn't have much effect but revving at about 3k made a change.

I think I need to be a bit more scientific in noting down what's happening now I've got the heater running! The plan is to rewire the heater on Sunday and then check the wiring for the sensor (in case there's a dodgy joint or something) and then see what the situation is. Using a wideband to actually see what the emissions are is a sensible idea - at the moment I'm just speculating over voltages!

Just as an after thought, what's the part number of your sensor, and what are the wire colours (I have 2 white (heater) a grey and a black)?

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