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Sounds like ecu is seeing a lean signal, correcting by maxing out the +ve fuel trim, hence the lambda value and emissions result seen at the IVA.

I think sadly that Saturday's test will prove nothing other than no change since IVA.

I think the best test from here is to rig up a AA battery with a potentiometer, set the voltage using a multimeter, then put that known voltage to the engine bay sensor plug (with sensor disconnected). If the ECU reports the correct voltage, then at least you know the ECU isn't telling porkies / the wiring is okay.

Shouldn't have thought there'd be a voltage drop in the wiring from the sensor to ecu, as theoretically there's no current flow in the signal wire.

To confirm, you have the following?

2No white - 12v from battery via a relay.
1No black - connected to ECU lambda pin (D14?).
1No grey - connected to the SAME earth as the ECU?
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