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Had a quick look at the actual wiring earlier on this evening.

The wires on my E connector are all fitted individually (after Marlin lost the one I had when they had my ECU and did nothing with it for over 6 months).

The A and B connectors have pugs fitted to them from the engine loom.

I have a diagram that seems to tie in with the Type R ECU, and it shows the AF sensor negative going to Pin A16. However on my A connector (not the ECU pins themselves) there is no wire attached to Pin A16 (and no 'female' contact inside the plug.

I'm therefore wondering if I have a slightly different model of loom, or that if the Type R doesn't use that pin. After all, both the Hondata wiring schematic and Rich H's wiring diagram both have the AF -ve going to SG3 (sensor Ground 3) which is pin E4.

Whilst disconnected from the ECU I check continuity (which is good) and resistance (which is low).

John - let me know if you find your wiring diagram - I'd be interested to compare! Meanwhile I'm going to try your suggestion of a battery and resistor!
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