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Talking Yipee!

So rewired the O2 sensor heater with a relay, then checked through the sensor's wiring. Connection to ECU E4 pin was earthed, and A6 supplied about 0.4v.

Also contacted company I bought Hondata system from. Guy said they wire it the same as the diagram on the Hondata site. Also said he thought I'd be lucky to get it through emissions without getting it mapped properly.

Took it to dad's mate's garage this morning. Put it on their machine and it was still reading too high (but better). Ran the engine at 2500rpm for about 5 minutes then rechecked it, and low and behold it passed. By quite a lot (CO was registering less than 0.075 and it needed to be under 0.2). So, fingers crossed for IVA retest.

Managed to sort the headlight positioning at the same time. It required a bit of headlight fettling to reposition the whole light slightly.

Thanks everyone for your help, input and support.
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