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Got about half a day in on the car today ... I'm waiting for the bonnet to come back , not a problem , as there is plenty to do , but its all the boring , non photogenic stuff really ...
I am rubbish at wiring ...I am not confident with it , I can fault find , wire up ignition system , indicators , horn , lights etc...all as individual jobs , but when faced with a total re-wire I go cold ...I will be getting assistance with it , but in the meantime , I have fitted the fuse board , ran the front loom to the front , left the dash bit hanging in the footwell and ran the rear one through the passenger cill area to the rear and have connected up the rear lights , incorporating a series of linked earth wires all bolted through the chassis at a common point ...

I got the passenger door skin bonded on ...

and have made a start on the drivers door ...I bonded the bottom edge on as it lines up nice ..when this has cured I can bond the front edge then the rear as a separate task as the skin has a slight twist in it and bonding front and rear separately can correct this ..its minimal , but the skins line up so nicely generally , its a shame not to do it properly rather than just glue it in one go ....

finished the day faffing around with the air filter that needs modifying to clear my homemade throttle and choke bracketry and had a bit of a play with the seat belt grommets ...
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