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Chris doesn’t like the rear lights from. The Mini. They will be changed for simpler lights.

As the red colour wasn’t enough, some grey flames are painted on the front end of the car…

Here is the Mosquito, finished. Chris used it daily for 6 months even when the weather was bad, which does not happen often in Uk

It’s at this time that I arrive in the story of the Mosquito. At this moment, I was working in Uk since two months and Chris was my flat mate. During the months, I asked for him to sell me the Mosquito. Chris doesn‘t want to sell it, unfortunately.
One night, I was coming back from work, and I saw the Mosquito in the middle of the street, in a bad condition. Children have destroyed it, as you can see on the pictures bellow.
When Chris saw that, he told me: « You’ll probably be happy, I don’t want it anymore, if you want it, it’s yours for £400 » It didn’t take me that long to answer « YES! »

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