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Default Mould making.

I have managed to get a bit more done,

I was hoping to get some polly primer on the car but then thought I had better get the bonnet and boot lid done 1st just in case they needed any extra work for fitment etc.

My knowledge of mould making is limited but I do have a good friend who makes GT40 bodies for a living so I spent a few days with him as he had all the products needed to reproduce the panels.

1st thing required was to get the buck nice and shiney, I had some old BRG 2K solid left over from an earlier job that I used, it flats and polishes up quite well.

Bonnet and boot lid painted.

Then the panels were waxed several times with the release mould wax leaving plenty of time between coats for it to harden off.

Next was gel coat, I asked Lee to use a less popular colour to keep costs down, he had some Oxford Blue left over from another job that had essentially been paid for.

We taped the edge around the bonnet to stop any gel coat from creeping under and creating a mechanical lock, next was what Lee called a skim coat of matting, this was the 350 gram stuff and we also used tissue around the edges to stop the corners from lifting.

This was allowed to dry then followed with two more coats of the heavy 600 gram 2 ounce matting and we now have two moulds done.

Once trimmed and released the boot lid mould was cleaned then waxed once again ready for gel and matting. We left the outer skin on the bonnet as we needed to turn it over to take a mould from the inner skin and it helped keep the whole lot a lot stiffer.
Finished boot lid mould.

And the finished piece rested in place on the car.

The same process was used to make the inner and outer bonnet mould, wax, gel and matting, we also taped around the edges to stop the two moulds sticking together.

Lee then trimmed the moulds and released them using wedges, they were again cleaned ,waxed, gelled and laid up, we only used one layer of heavy matt for the inner skin as once bonded to the outer skin it was very strong and more importantly a lot lighter than the original.

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