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Strip the front of base car, remove:

- bonnet
- bonnet hinges (retain)
- bonnet catch and it’s mounting panel
- rubber stops from slam panel
- indicators/sidelights
- outer bumper cover
- headlights and lifting units
- wipers and arms
- lower windscreen trim (retain)
- side repeaters

Unbolt the fusebox and radiator expansion bottle on the drivers side and pull them towards the engine, for relocation after new inner wings are fitted.

FOR MK2 MX5 ONLY: Cut wings vertically to leave approximately 150mm in front of the door, as shown.
MK1 MK5 kit has complete bolt on GRP front end section that does not require any bonding.

Remove paint in readiness for bonding on new GRP panels.

Bolt on new GRP inner wing extenders to existing Mazda captive nuts. Pop rivet at bulkhead. Some trimming of one panel may be required to clear wiper motor.

Trim upper corners from plaster bumper bar, as shown, to clear headlight buckets.

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