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Trail fit the new MX250 body section. Check that the panels fit closely to the existing MX5 body, especially where the front of the new roof fits into the gutter above the windscreen.

PLEASE NOTE: It is far easier to trim out vent and headlight holes etc before bonding the kit to the MX5.

Once you are happy that the panels are sitting correctly temporarily fix with self tapping screw, then mark the location of the new join behind the doors. Remove the rear section of body and remove the paint and the key metal where you have marked plus along the gutter above the windscreen. Degrease new panels where bonding is to take place and key gel coat surface with 80 (min) grit sand paper.

Mix a sufficient amount of the 2-part epoxy adhesive provided with the kit to cover the gutter at the head of the windscreen.

Refit the new rear body section, push the roof section into the adhesive and place some heavy weights on the roof to prevent movement. Cut some metal plates as shown (you can use a section from the old from wings) bond and riveted into the doorshut/windscreen head area. When rivetting the GRP panels always countersink to give as flush a finish to the surface as possible. Use any excess epoxy to fill any gaps between the new GRP and the steel bodywork.

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