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Default Winging it....

Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
Thanks Paul.


I was bit bored with bonnet stays so, taking advantage of the warm spring sunshine here today, I drove the car out of the garage so that I could retrieve some of the body panels from my garage's loft.

IVA status March 2020 by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

Looking a bit like a hot rod without it's wings and doors

I could then retrieve some of the body panels from the loft. My wife helped me get the wing down as it's very large and awkward.

Bodywork by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

I then laid some carpet offcuts on the garage floor and then 'parked' the car as near to the far wall as possible, giving me space to work on the nearside wing. This was the first time I have unwrapped the wing since it was painted last year!

Nearside wing by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

The camera on my phone has made the wing look a weird shape and I should really go back to using my proper camera.

This shot reminded me of this one..........(taken Sept. 2010)

Wing removal by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

Now I've just got to fit the wing without scratching it

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