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I hope you have not patented your design for the strengthening mods on the steering arms as i am about to use it in preference to my own ideas for upgrading. After adjusting the terrible bump steer i thought the steering would be better but it still feels very light and wanders on the road. there is about 5-10mm of movement at the wheel rim when steering held solid and wheel rim is pulled with force. steering arm visibly bending at the outer adjusting bolt hole on the arm.
Did your mods make any diference to the steering feel or did you go further.

The bump steer was caused by me bolting the stub axles to the suspension upright 180 degrees out of position which pushed the track rod end mounting point far too high. i bought one of the first cars and there were no instruction for the correct installation for the mounting of the stub axle and of course i got it wrong.

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