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Thanks Lucky
Audi V6 package was my plan in the beginning but it is a damn ugly engine and does not give me the look I want when I open the trunk...
Renault UN1 are quite hard to find nowheredays and pretty expansive also, Audi 01E could be an option, the tranny looks good but I need an adaptor for the Ford engine, wonder if somebody ever has done this...

Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
Renault 25 or similar transaxle was once a popular option and adaptor plates were available for all sorts of engines. Not sure what you'll find these days as I'm going back 20 years or more. The Audi transaxles from A4's and A6's could be a modern option, they are plenty strong enough for a Ford V6.

Rather than mess with adaptors it might be easiest to go buy a complete and on the road Audi with a V6 for a few hundred quid and swop the lot across into your chassis ?
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