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Traditional headlining with bows is a very nice period feature, My Jag Mk2 had a new headlining professionally fitted when it was rebuilt 30 years ago. Still looks as good as new.

Was watching a wheeler-dealers video on youtube on a Jag XJS, Ed was fitting a new headliner as they are prone to drooping, someone had tried to glue it back and made a pig's ear of it. The new headlining looked superb. The next video was French Wheeler-Dealers (didn't know they did one), in this version again on an XJS, they removed the moulded headling and threw it away, then cut a new headling out of some material and stuck it on with aerosol glue. As you can imagine it looked awful, I wonder how long that will stay up with the Mediterranean sun?
Same job, different skill set.
Looking forward to seeing the dash conversion. Is the dash going to be painted or covered?
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