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Believe me cutting off an outrigger did lead to trouble with the DVLA.
Your right SAMMIO's do cut the rear out riggers down but they left them sticking out of the back of the car until after the VIC/DVLA inspection just in case there's trouble.
That said the DVLA seem to be letting this mod through now.

Although some 3 wheeler builders in the passed have linked the rear suspension arms together there is really no need.
Both the Lomax and the Le Patron just use a single suspension arm with it's single spring and they have been doing this for years without any issues.

You have to remember the rear 2CV springs were designed to carry the combined weight of the car body, 2 rear passengers and boot luggage where as the 3 wheelers have only to carry less than half the body weight, no rear passengers and minimal luggage so a single spring copes well with the smaller load.

One recommended mod is to fit a gas shock.

Why fix some thing that's not broken
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