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Originally Posted by thecarbuilder246 View Post
Hi All

Very surprised here as the are identical, both are 64 3/4 inches. If the back is the same then I think I'll backward engineer the deon suspension set.

They should be the same Ian, as the 206 and 246 are the same width, it is one of the few measurements which are the same. I should think the rear will be the same as well, although it is interesting as the track is supposedly 2" wider both front and rear on the 206. This could be due to the wheel offset as the 246 tyres are wider. I wouldn't have thought the wishbones are different as the 246 has the same basic setup as the 308, unless the chassis is quite different. I have never had anything to do with the 206 other than the engines. It is amazing how different the 206 and 246 are as most people just see a Dino.
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