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Default redesign of chassis and suspension

It is quite a task to redesign suspension - I'm envious of your skills! I wouldn't trust myself to get suspension right so I'd probably start with a Mazda MX5 (Miata for our American friends). Its front could fit perfectly and its rear would probably need a new top arm, otherwise it would be a good fit. My next step would be to post that plan on the Locost suspension page and get feedback. There are lots of experts there who enjoy offering advice. OZDino on this site had some good basic techniques to use too.

As to Fibreglass's point that the tracks of 206 (and maybe therefore Deon) and 246 are 'a couple of inches wider' - it is true that the 206 was originally listed in a couple of places as 1400 at the rear and the 246 was 1430 at the rear. Tyre width makes no difference to track because track is measured from wheel centre to wheel centre. Wheel offset makes a difference to track.

an early 206 blueprint for chassis
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