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Hi Slarti, nice to hear that you're still working on your Spyder.

I'll be at the Revival Friday and Saturday in 'Iris' (my light blue Midget) so I'll keep an eye out for you.

I found the rear corners of the Spyder cockpit were a bit tight for space, so to get them in the most useable position, I centrally mounted my three-point, inertia seatbelts (so the diagonal strap came over the driver's left shoulder and passenger's right).

I attached the upper and inner lower mounts to the frame and the outer mount (for the rat-tail with the quick release mechanism attached) to a bracket welded across the seat runner. I had no problems with that setup, either in use or from my MOT chappie.

Bearing in mind that 50's racing cars didn't have safety belts at all, any seatbelt you fit, whether it's a classic aircraft buckle, modern inertia-reel or bright red nylon webbing racing harness will look fine as those in the know will just assume they were retro-fitted at some stage in its history.

Keep up the good work and hopefully see you at Goodwood.
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