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Originally Posted by Grey V8 Pete View Post
A dodge that I have used to good effect in the past is to use Evo Stik! Option 1 is to put a smear of it in a socket, then pop the nut or bolt in the socket and wait 5 minutes. You can the manoeuvre it into position, even downwards, while fitting the opposite bolt / nut into position. Option 2 is to Evo Stik the nut / bolt, plus washer if there is one, into position on the body, if neccessary using a dummy mandrel and again wait for the glue to set a bit.

The advantage is this method is that the Evo Stik is strong enough for the fitting operation but easily shears away if you later strip down. Any remnants of glue in the socket spanner can easily be scraped out. Peter.
Thanks Peter, that is a good tip i'll try next time on the other side of the car.
My tricks include putting a piece of PVC insulation tape across the head of the bolt and then wedging the bolt or nut in the socket. The tape thickness is just enough to hold the nut or bolt in the socket while you position it through the hole and the tape holds the washer in place. I also use all my socket set extensions joined together to give me about 18" extension to my arm. It's difficult to show in the pictures but the front wings are so large (and beautiful!) that you can't reach both sides of the nut and bolt.
All good fun though..........
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