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Default First fitting continued

Garry & all

last post was a tester to see if we could add pictures, it works. Main body located, seemed to go well a lot more fettling before final fix, pure enjoyment rear goal posts and cills clamped into dims you have me, had to take top corners off but fits as snug as a bug in a rug. lots of measuring standing back having a look up a bit down a bit and so on.

See why you had a problem with final dims not be able to take the body off, we are lifting on and off and using all the photos we took at your workshop as a guide, we will take dims and records for reference. It may not be the way every one attacks it but it may be helpfull

This one shows the front bulk head I think we will cut up the "coffee table frame" and insert differently? we may also make the footwells wider in the square aperture with ply formers and move the pedal box over as we need to chop out the tunnel for the exhausts on the V8 and it's always cramped on Se5's when they insert the V8 plenty of room in the G46 wing bulkhead for this.

looking back at the bulk head ply templates will equalise both sides and secure the cills, again we have the luxury you did not have when building the prototype, everything open and nothing in the way. The body was located using the vertical centre line of the rear wheels and rear wheel arches.

will have to cut a little more off the up stands at the front

Under the bonnet test fitted long way off fitting but all looks good for clearance on the V8 nice detail have the cut line on the mould that will help when we come to match the bonnet line to the bulk head, but with a bit of felting should all work ok. Mounting and making the brackets for the forward hinging bonnet will be a challenge but there is good access under the car to take dimension and I suspect we will be coming to take more measurements before then.

So very pleased with today a long long way to go, in a way I am glad it is not a kit with instructions that just bolts on, we are all using heads which makes it all the more satisfying when you stand back and see what we have achieved.
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