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Don't cut through the roof pillars! The roof unbolts and lifts off leaving the body tub looking like the convertible (but not quite the same).

From memory, there're two bolts attaching it to the rear deck, another two holding it to the windscreen surround and a couple more holding the 'B' pillars to the body. Once you've found and undone them, it's just a case of cracking the seal made by forty odd years of accumulated crud, then lift the roof off and sell it. I think I got about 40 for mine

This might help -

When you take the body off the chassis, the one problem a few of us have had is removing the handbrake compensator under the rear seat area. It's the crescent shaped guide that carries the cable running between the rear drums. I'd recommend removing that cable from the handbrake levers on the backs of the drums before you try to remove the body or it'll stop you getting it off.

I hope that makes sense and good luck.
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