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I think I've just about stripped and cleaned every original part i'm going to reuse and those that haven't already been refitted are drying, i.e. the refurbished brake pedal housings.

I have trial fitted the petrol tank and run all the new fuel lines, i'm just waiting for the frame to dry before i refit it.

I have fabricated a central tunnel and welded that onto the body frame and mounted the handbrake cable linkages. The handbrake was delivered to work last week while i was out so i'll pick that up tomorrow.

I have also painted the frame. I know i may still have to make minor adjustments, but i wanted it cleaned, treated and painted partly to keep my spirits up and parts to stabilise it.

Frame primered

And painted

and i know that I've not posted much about the body yet as i've been trying to finish off the chassis and frame, but i had to do a trial fit, just-to-see how it'd go!

It fits a treat!!! Well done young Mike!

I know that I've got to adjust the height of the rear when i fit it properly, but the front all seems to line up lovely and the shell 'tucks under' nicely.
It also looks good around the ends of the front outriggers to be able to mount that area quite strongly.

I'm now just doing my last few little jobs putting the engine back together while i wait for the lowered floor-pans to turn up (cough)(cough) as until they're fitted i can't bolt the frame down and start mounting the body properly.

oh... and i know this is asking for trouble quoting a deadline.... but atm i'm aiming to have it on the road in basic form ready for "at least" the last local show of the year, the The Footman James Classic Vehicle Restoration Show on 1st/2nd Nov

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