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Hummm.... an interesting few days.

I have picked up my seats and this time I've opted for Cobra Cubs rather than the Cobra Classics as the Cubs are smaller overall and also have lower sides. The reason i wanted these is that with the Classics in my old Sammio the seat belt never quite sat right for me.

So i plonked a bit of board over the chassis so that i could do some seat, wheel and pedal setup and i immediately spotted something that i had completely missed until now.

See if you can spot it from this photo:

See if this helps:

Give up?

Basically the plate to attach the pedals to has been welded far too close to the center tunnel and also on the wrong side of that cross member

Obviously this isn't the end of the world and for us Miglia/Sammio types we take this kind of thing in our stride, so i simply cut it off with some 1mm discs and then with the aid of that above pic and also by plonking the seat roughly in place i figured out where it "should " go.

(to the right a bit and in front of the crossmember)

While i was doing this i also 'fettled' the steering wheel location and many thanks to SWMBO for helping my lift the shell on and off a few times until i was happy

Also as my donor was an _old_ Vitesse it had a solid rod linkage for the throttle pedal and i always suspected i'd need to convert that to cable, but while having a rummage over various forums i found that the later Spitfires had a bulkhead mounted throttle pedal rather than a floor-mounted one.
So courtesy of those very nice people at Spitfire Graveyard i now have this to tinker with

oh... and i've also fabricated and welded in place the brackets for the Humber handbrake
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