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I have just taken delivery of a "shed load" of aluminum sheet and L section as I've decided to bond and rivet everything together in aluminum instead of using wood! (at least that's the plan today!)

I came to this decision after seeing how the builder of my old Countach kit had done things as i was very impressed with how he'd built that and i can't see why i couldn't do the same on the Miglia.

Also after numerous trials over the last week with the Miglia frame in place and after doing a considerable amount of reading i'm ditching the Honda alloy radiator and picking up a new _normal_ Vitesse one!

Reason being....

The Vitesse engine / cooling system was designed to have an always-on fan in the system, so i would really want to keep that in place and then possibly add an electric one "as well".
I really couldn't find a way to fit the Honda rad, with it's central-top inlet, and the longer straight-6 Vitesse engine so that i could keep the metal fan in place and route all of the plumbing and fit an electric fan.

If it had been a 4-pot then no problems, but I'm really snugly for space, so i'm going to run with a standard (albeit new so hopefully therefore effective!) cooling system

If any of you Herald boys want to make me an offer for the Honda rad or any of my electric fan collection (numerous makes and sizes) then please drop me a PM before i list it on flea-bay..
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