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Ok, some more sideways pictures - I guess the photo format is pushing the long side sideways, so I will have to remember to take the picture sideways to start with.

Anyway - the engine on stand

And the bits

Toying with getting a later oil pump with angled pick up, but more expense...

And to explain - the engine was rebuilt 30 years ago when I was a kid, but never run. So all the machining is fresh. When we dragged it out of the garage, it turned freely, and when the head came off there was no rust - so I was lucky. All the shells etc had a film of oil on them still, so apart from some slight polishing marks ("witness marks" per my Stag friend) I will just give it a thorough clean and rebuild - this time with cam lube and graphogen paste to assist. I had a moment of panic with the cam as it looked like the bearings' oil holes were not aligned with the oilways, but last night with the aid of an inspection mirror I could see that the oilways from the main bearings were ok - not sure why two holes in bearing, but at least one is aligned so some oil will get to the cam. I had in my worry spoke to the machine shop thinking they could press out and realign, but they said it would wreck the shell so it would have meant new bearings.

And the Paddock bill is high as I am buying gaskets etc, along with new big end bolts, head studs and nuts, new tappet buckets (which I need to check as I thought I had replaced those 30 yars ago - need to look at the bills) etc, and the bill soon mounts up. But I have abandoned the idea of the rocker oil feed kit following a perusal of the web chatter, so that is 30 saved.

As to the loom, I am in two minds.A joy of kits is trying to recycle the donor as far as possible, against which nice and new and shiny is very appealing. I did not get a chance (yet) to browse that site, but that may help me make up my mind. This month is going to be expensive - Paddock's bill looks like 300, and Aldon ignition is heading that way as well. Gulp...

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