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I have occasionally hired 5kva diesel generators single cylinder air cooled hand start Lister Petter or lambardini engines with fixed revs with a load compensator and after about 3 weeks on site they start to rattle and clang and run hot and smell like they are burning oil, the chap from the hire shop comes out puts fresh oil in the air cleaners sump and engine then puts a load bank on them flicks the switches till its drawing near the generators Max load and leaves it like that for an hour or so, the engines labour and after a while kick soot out then they will run fine again for weeks, he says the bores glaze up when they are just running with little power being drawn off, he also said that once they started getting engine oil from a new supplier and all the diesel engines went down in quick succession turns out the new supplier was stickering up a better quality of oil and selling it as a lesser grade, seems simple diesel engines require load and reasonably poor oil to keep things bedded in, if the load bank trick doesn't work he has to strip and hone the bore and manually scrub clean the oil scraper piston ring.Ed
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