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Originally Posted by a big scary monster View Post
...all the diesel engines went down in quick succession turns out the new supplier was stickering up a better quality of oil and selling it as a lesser grade, seems simple diesel engines require load and reasonably poor oil to keep things bedded in, if the load bank trick doesn't work he has to strip and hone the bore and manually scrub clean the oil scraper piston ring.Ed
I read an article about squeezing the BMW E-30 six cylinder engine into a Marina based Marlin some time in the nineties, and the author recommended 'Happy Shopper' motor oil as the best lubricant for that engine for the same reason. I've got Mobil 1 in my Triumph six at the moment, but I've recently read that modern, high performance lubricants contain detergents and additives that can feck up an old engine, so will be changing it for 'Wilco' 10w 40 (around 9.99 for 5 litres) in a few weeks.
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