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Default Up-dating my McCoy

In the beginning

I first heard from a friend about the car, he told me that a friend of his was selling a mini based kit car but couldnít give me any details of it, I arranged to go and view the car thinking it may be a Mini Midas or similar but when I first saw it, it reminded me of a car I was familiar with from the 70ís, the Clan Crusader but it didnít look quite right and I knew the Clan had an Imp engine, looking around it had stick on letters saying McCoy which then I was not familiar with, I asked the price, he told me £200 and I gave him the money. It wasnít running very well so I organised a trailer to get it home.

I got the trailer and went to collect the car to bring it homeÖ

The next day I had a good look over the car and didnít look too bad but had mechanical issues which I decided it was time for an overhaul, engine, gearbox rear sub-frame, the usual mini problems and later purchased a donor mini.

The interior was shabby but nothing that couldnít be improved.
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