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Default Stripping out

I had the car a few years before serious work was started, women’s requirements got in the way, you know what I mean, get married fix up house, move, fix up house etc etc….

Well I got the car on the 20th January 2004 so work out how much time I havn’t been able to get on with it.

Anyway, I was helping my eldest son put a Vtec Honda engine into his mini but he wasn’t putting enough effort into it due to him working 50 miles from home and it looked like I was going to do it for him, there he was wrong, I had other thoughts, I gave him a deal which let me have all the parts he had for the Vtec conversion which I could then put into the McCoy but I never made the deal until we had the engine running because a lot of work would be needed to get it to fit the McCoy and I wasn’t prepare to cut the car to get it to fit with knowing it was a runner.

In the mean time in slow time I started stripping out the McCoy to fit the parts from the donor mini just in case.

This had to come out….

and this along with several other parts that had seen better days…

The engine bay was stripped and cleaned…

On doing this showed a problem with the firewall suffering from heat off the mini exhaust, that would need repairing…

The door cards were removed along with the rest of the interior and the part have been stored until I get back to them.

The fuel tank would also need some work….

None of this would be needed as I would be fitting a beam axle with new swinging arm assemblies that my son had got new for the mini, but I would refurbish the swinging arms as spares…

This lot had to go… and it would become apparent that the front valance would need cutting to allow the Vtec exhaust to fit.

I am not sure what my son was thinking here but I think it would probably be ‘This will be a monster with my Vtec in’

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