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Default The engine inspection

I said to my son ‘It would be a good idea to inspect the engine before we bench tested it’ because it was bought off E-Bay and collected from the back of a van somewhere in London and we didn’t have any history of it. All he knew that the engine was from a Honda Del Sol and it was a 1.6 B16A2 Vtec unit with gearbox.

We emptied the sump and with horror about a litre of water came out with the oil and sludge, so the sump was to be removed for further investigation

On removal of the sump the bottom end looked surprisingly clean but the sump itself was full of sludge.

The small amount of emulsified oil was removed….

The main and big end bearing shells and crank were inspected and only a small score was found on one of the shells..

So all was cleaned and rebuilt..

While the engine was out a new clutch assembly was fitted along with a new timing belt and tension pulley.

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