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Default Engine bay mods

Well the deal was done and I had most of the parts to complete the job so I thought, time to make it fit.

The engine was removed from the sub-frame and then the engine bay was cut about to make it fit

I set up a pair of straps around a piece of 4x2 straddling the wings and the sub-frame and started to lift into position, cutting material from the car allowing it to raise into the correct position, this is how I envisaged the hole assembly would have to be installed. When putting it in the mini there was a removable flip front so no problems were there, I did at one stage consider flipping the front of the McCoy but changed my mind.

Finally after removing material from the inner wings and the front valance it was in..

The sub-frame was bolted at the top but the two lower mounts where sitting off the body, The area around the mounting plates on the car were cleaned back to the glass and pads were glassed into position, the sub-frame mounts were dressed in cling film, the sub-frame was re-fitted and the pads were shaped to fill the gap.

The sub-frame was forward of the front valance so some cutting was required there.

Now for the frame and the engine, the engine was refitted into the sub-frame and the whole assembly onto a trolley I had made earlier, the car was jacked and the lot was slid under.

Then the car was lowered and more bodywork cut away to allow passage…

Don’t fit…..

More cutting…, as you can imagine the car has been going up and down like a fiddlers elbow by this stage..

Do fit…phew..

Next was the issue with the exhaust manifold and front sub-frame cross mount plates, something had to be done with the front valance to tidy that up

More cutting in order then, gees this car was light before but at this rate there will not be much left…

That’s better now to put some strength back..

That’s better.

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