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Default Rear Lights

Now the car was back on wheels I could put it back in the garage, even though the garage was small it would do for a while as I had planned a much bigger garage when I had my extension built.

The rear lights were tired so I searched E-bay for some suitable replacements, as my ideas were not for going modern on the looks at this stage I got some from a Triumph Dolomite, because the rear panel on the car is flat it lent itself to 70’s lights.

First the old lights were removed and a template for the hole positions for the new lights was made.

Holes were cut…

New lights and number plate trial fitted, looking better..

A few coats of paint..

A few stripes…

And that looks good, the paint colour was decided to celebrate the routes of the car where the designer ‘Arthur Birchall ‘ was originally an engineer for the Lotus Racing Team..

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