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Default The exhaust

It all started of with me going to use the standard manifold with me fabricating the exhaust centre pipe as I already had a 2” bore stainless back box for a mini van, first I got some 2” stainless tube and flared the end to fit the manifold gasket and made a flange to suit..

Then I decided I wanted a full stainless system so I got this

Unfortunately it gave too many clash problems and only 20mm road clearance and I couldn’t fit it with the engine in the car and I couldn’t fit the engine in the car with it previously fitted so I sent it back

So then I got this it was a pattern copy of the original cast manifold, I could split it to remove it whilst in the car and also take the engine and sub-frame out of the car with it still fitted so that was a go from there.

This one didn’t go that easily though, it didn’t snuggly fit under the engine and the rear support bracket had to be modified so it was time for the disc cutter, I measured them marked with tape how much to be removed, cut it off and cleared the stubs from the flange

Put the pieces together and checked clearances before having it welded

All was good so I prepped the surfaces and as it happens I have very good welder colleagues where I work so it was then welded back together

Nice job…

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