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Not much actual progress has been made recently. I removed the differential yesterday, which only took about 15 minutes, and generally faffed about for about an hour tidying up. Over the last few days I took delivery of a compressor, sandblaster hopper with a gun, 100 kilos of fine grit and protective headgear and respirator/air filter mask. I have decided to do the sandblasting of the chassis myself as there are plenty of other parts which need to be cleaned and de-rusted before they can be painted - hopefully I won't blow any holes in the chassis!
I have also been buying engine paint too - aluminium for the block and Ferrari Corsa red for the cylinder head (for those of you who don't already know, Testa Rossa means Red Head).
I checked that the engine is still free to turn and it is, but there is not too much compression. I can't find the old type Redex upper cylinder lubricant which was so good at releasing gummed-up piston rings so am going to try just putting clean engine oil down the bores to see if that works. We have put an extra steel beam in the roof of the car port to attach a chain hoist to, to get the engine and gearbox out. This will hopefully happen this coming weekend and then I can get on with degreasing the chassis etc before sandblasting the chassis and painting it with weld-through primer. With any luck that will all be done before the kit arrives towards the end of the month - fingers crossed!

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