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Hi Gary funnily enough i had the car out yesterday making the most of the sub tropical temperature up here, a massive 12 degrees, alas it was short lived today its been 2 degrees and snowing. Just changed the gearbox on my daughters car and returned back to the breakers for my surcharge so made the excuse to take the car for its first 2017 run.

Decided to do a little maintenance over the winter and after a lot of online searching for a solution to a poor gear change between 2nd and 1st in a type 9 box i went for the easy solution first by changing the gearbox oil. One problem is there's no drain plug so without removing the box i had to buy a suction pump which worked better than expected.

IMG_7200.jpg IMG_7199.jpg

Oil advised to use and manual suction pump.


Small inspection plate removed to gain access to level plug where the oil was sucked from.

Also been busy fabricating an english wheel from 60x60 mild steel box section and turned the top and bottom anvil wheels from EN8 which ive had hardened by a specialist heat treatment company.


60x60 box section frame cut to angles then welded to make a horse shoe shape. Top anvil wheel mount is fixed while the bottom anvil wheel is adjustable depending on material thickness. Sorry for the upside down frame had just finished the undercoat.


The top anvil is the larger one with a parallel od surface, if i made this again i would leave more material on the center boss to minimize distortion during the heat treatment luckily the internal bore shrunk out of true so i was able to machine it back to size and true with the outer diameter. The six smaller wheels are the bottom anvils with various radius's on the o/d to accommodate different amounts of curve required. All anvils have internal bores for the bearings.

Once ive mounted the frame correctly ill post further pictures, my intentions are to roll a couple of front wheel arches for the sammio, i had intended making them from flat sheet similar to the way the rear inside arches were made but thought a curved rolled arch would look professional.

Well that's it for now see you all soon.
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