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This year ive been out driving the car getting used to its handling and finding its limits which can be sudden giving the odd squeaky backside but its alot of fun and still draws the attention where ever it goes. Ive also entered the car into a few car shows locally with a good response.

The throttle has always felt a little numb lacking instant response which prompted me to consider fitting bike carbs, but speaking to a few lads who have fitted these carbs they all said the same they are a pain to set up so wanting an easier solution i decided to redesign the way the throttle linkage operates.

Made a bracket to anchor the throttle cable along with a new spindle and cable guide wheel, all made from ally and stainless.


Old linkage which has a lot of wear probably due to its age.

IMG_8388.jpg IMG_8393.jpg

New setup fitted, it's made a massive difference to the throttle response, much quicker but requiring less foot travel so it may be a hand full in the wet. Thinking of turning a larger cable guide wheel or fitting a heavy return spring.


Also made a bracket to carry a spare set of plugs.
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