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Originally Posted by oxford1360 View Post
A lot of the comments are from someone called Micha...who will be very familiar to long-standing members of this forum - he liked to make a fool of himself. Comparing the style of English makes me wonder....could you be one and the same?
Can't help wondering myself if RochdaleGT and Micha are one and the same, but is there any evidence?

Some years ago, before he got banned from the site for being an obnoxious troll and all his posts were deleted by the moderators, Micha was asked by Psycho Pops to prove that he had the impressive car collection that he claimed to own/have owned.

His response (copied from a reply from Tribute Automotive posted 5th November 2012 on the Sammio Spyder for Sale with options... thread ) was as follows:

to satisfy your couriosity im not a builder, i prefer to buy ready built cars or projects and improve them. im actually owning certain british made cars (e.g. scimitar, lotus, ginetta) and have owned at least another 15 lotus/tvr or kitcars.

So, quite an unusual selection of cars: Lotus, Reliant, TVR and Ginetta, plus a number of kitcars.

Now, by sheer coincidence, over on the Marlin forum I recently asked RochdaleGT to prove he owned the prototype v8 roadster that he claims to have in his extensive car collection, but can't take any pictures of, and this was his reply:

just to list some of the cars i owned (and some still own) in the last 20y:

8 lotus eclat /excel/elite, 3 TVR tasmin, 1 Rover P6, 2 Ginetta G4/S4, 1 Ginetta G15, 1 Ginetta G27, 2 Sylva Phoenix, 4 sylva striker (here you could contact jeremy phillips, the founderr of sylva autokits as a prove) , 5 westfiels, 1 sammio, 2 Reliant scimitars, 1 marlin berlinetta, 1 marlin sportster, 2 locost, 2 dutton, 1 clan crusader, 1 jeffey j5 seven, 1 fisher fury, 2 NG v8, 1 TVR chimaera, 1 jensen healey.

and several sylvas and westfields where i was involved into the purchase from friends.

So, quite an unusual selection of cars: Lotus, Reliant, TVR and Ginetta, plus a number of kitcars.

Hmm, the collection seems to have grown a bit, but does it sound familiar?

Maybe there are two enthusiasts, both living in Germany, both claiming to own pretty much exactly the same selection of cars, both refusing to prove they own any of them and both posting rude comments here, insulting genuine builders cars, accusing them of falsifying documentation, poor build standards, getting overspray on their wheels, etc., etc. ad nauseam?

Or perhaps, there's just one sad individual with nothing better to do than cause trouble on somebody else's hobby forum, making exaggerated claims about his own specialist car history while contributing absolutely nothing positive to whatever is being discussed.

No doubt RochdaleGT will disagree with the above, citing coincidence, perhaps, and there may even be someone who'll chip in to defend him and accuse me of being the trouble maker in passive-aggressive style (and, why yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands being comfortably retired), but my mind's made up:

RochdaleGT is indeed TTFKAM, The Troll Formerly Known As Micha.
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