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Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
Mr T - Going forward, I wouldn't waste the energy replying.

I have certainly wasted enough of my time in the past on this.

I would much rather see you posting about your Speedster build or Midget mods.

Your original Sammio Spyder 'Build' and 'On the road' treads, plus your (literally) hundreds of replies on my own build thread helped me to finish my build and get my own car on the road. And, despite its many faults, I still take great pride in the fact I built this car myself (with some professional help in places).

Cheers, Paul.


Do you really not see the irony of what Towed does ? He calls any one who disagrees with him on any subject a troll, he then goes and trolls Rochdale over on the Marlin thread.

Rochdale even asked him to take it off the forum and sort it out via PM's but that didn't happen did it ?

You would think being ex plod he would have a bit more restraint eh.

I suppose I will now be called a troll, so a troll trolling a troll trolling a troll, try saying that after a few beers.

Weather or not you agree with anything Rochdale has to say he does have the right to say it, this is a public forum so once you put your build on here it really is open house for any criticism good or bad.

My own car was slagged down by a chap on Pistonheads, I didn't rise to it and he was entitled to his opinion.

I have said it before on here, I am full of admiration for any one who builds a car in their Garage or in their drive with limited tools etc, but to rip in to some body because of a difference in opinion is a bit daft.

Any way almost a new year upon us so have a good one every body. (even Rochdale and Towed)
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