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Originally Posted by Mistrale View Post
I’ve been put off self mixing a bit having read how nasty the stuff can be!

(If you are ex-RAF, then I’ll add....but not as nasty as AVPIN!)
Ha ha, I didn't work on Lightnings - they were still operational for a decade while I was serving but I did my time variously on: Vulcans; Victors; Canberras; Phantoms; Buccaneers (all 3rd line completing major servicing on the canopy jettison systems and ejection seats); and front-line on Sea Harriers (attached to the Fleet Air Arm); Jaguars; and Tornado F3's and GR4's.

I also packed in a tour working on missile systems, participated in the ongoing EOD clearance of the Falklands (I blew up the 13,000,000th item of unexploded ordnance there in 1993), had a couple of positions in armouries and taught sabotage techniques to some troopers from a regiment that's a bit Special (my job at the time was to find and disable ied's in buildings and they wanted to know how to make that job more hazardous for my equivalent on the other side).

I did spend some time alongside a Lightning Squadron in Cyprus one year, and most of their Phlegms (Flight Line Mechanics) had brown scorch marks singed into the tops of their berets where they'd used them to put out Avpin fires on start up.

Ahh, memories...

Anyway, Methanol. You can buy it on ebay - I found an ebay supplier based in Norfolk who happened to have a boat moored a few miles from my house and I picked it up from him there. I was paying about 5/litre for 25 litres plus a one-off payment of another fiver for the (reusable) container. You can have it delivered, though, but it'll cost a bit more (quick ebay search threw this up) -

Handling and storage are no problem so long as you follow some pretty basic health and safety rules - don't drink it, wear gloves and eye protection, keep it in a proper container with the hazard symbols clearly displayed so Trumpton know what it is if your garage catches fire, etc. I mixed it with distilled water, also available on ebay for around 4/litre -

To eliminate pinking, unless the instructions that came with your system* say otherwise I'd go with about 20% Methanol to 80% water. *Is it an 'off the shelf' system or did you build it yourself?

There's a lot of useful information on the 'net (and a load of crap from Jap turbo-drift-mod-tyres-too-narrow-for-my-wheels idiot bhp boasters who like to ruin Nissan 200SX's by 'improving' them). Anyone who's interested in the real benefits of water/methanol injection could do worse than starting here -

While this is a useful chart detailing the nozzle size to choose for your engine's power output -

Good luck with your supercharged motor, would like to see some pic's btw

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