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My car is actually featured in the current TKC mag - pre-water meth fitting... I made up the system from parts from Devils Own but used advice from various MGB forums. The nozzle blows through the centre of the airfilter and through the HS8 carb. The charger is from a Mini and was installed by the previous owner. I was having some issues with calibrating the pressure switch but with just water it ran a lot smoother. The switch is now sorted but I’m now waiting for decent weather to try it out...

I’ll work out how to post pictures on here and start a new thread somewhere to avoid a hijack!!

I used to fly Hercs - Avpin was hated by us when we carried it for the Canberras, we used to put it right on the edge of the ramp so if we had any probs we could chuck it overboard...the lightning had just left service as I joined unfortunately
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