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Default 45dcoe's and nodiz pro for zetec

No longer needed as I have converted my car to fuel injection and supercharged.
Pair of matched 5 progression hole 45dcoe webers correctly choked and jetted for a 2.0l zetec. On genuine weber manifold with genuine weber twin linkages. Complete with air filters. Also a selection of chokes, tubes and jets. These carbs have done 10000miles from new. They stay in tune and balance, the sound is unbeatable ! My engine dyno.d at 175bhp on these carbs.
Proper carbs not cheap bike carbs..
Look the part sound the part and make decent bhp and torque..


i also have

Nodiz pro ignition. Bluetooth connectivity, fully and easily mappable ecu for none injected engines. Currently mapped for my zetec and webers. In built coil drivers unlike mega jolt also no lead required to program unlike mega jolt. Dual Shift light output. Soft and hard cut limiter. Complete with zetec loom.


or 800 for the lot
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