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Originally Posted by denniswpearce View Post
So your using the same dual servo unit that is on the Sportster, that what it looks like anyway. Is this to save space as from previous pics the BMW engine seemed to fit in with the existing servo in place ?

Nice car, love it
Hi Dennis,
glad you like the Sabre and I hope you find my rebuild story entertaining.

Yes, that's an MBM dual diaphragm servo in the picture.
Firstly, I needed to get a new Servo as I wouldn't trust a 20 year old servo that's probably corroded or perished internally.
Secondly, if I do go for the BMW M50 engine there isn't enough space for a standard Ford Servo.
It's not so easy to see in the photo's but in the shot below the servo is preventing the engine and cylinder head sitting correctly.

BMW 328i POC by marlinpeter, on Flickr

I'm hoping that the MBM servo will just give me enough space whilst maintaining good performance.
The MBM servo in the picture is in fact just an empty casing that Mike has lent me for the trails.
I also have another brand new unit safely wrapped up in its packaging.

I need to get the servo mounted in its final position before doing the final checks on the engine fitting.

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