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I know it's horses for courses but I've always had one big reservation about the Miglia version of the rebody concept, and that's the fixed bonnet.

Any car like this is going to need some fettling or modification, whether home built or turn-key from the maker. So far, in 30 months on the road I've had the engine out twice - once to fit a new clutch and once to fix an oil leak from the engine front cover plate - and I've replaced the radiator and changed the cam with the engine in-situ.

All that work was made particularly easy due to the fantastic access afforded by the clamshell bonnet, which can be completely removed in ten minutes for even better access if necessary. I was able to do a lot of the really fiddly stuff, particularly timing in the new cam, while sitting on the front wheels. Try dong that in a car without a clamshell front end!

I understand that there's quite a sizeable access panel in the Miglia bonnet, but I still maintain that an amateur mechanic (and even a lot of pros) are going to struggle to remove and refit an engine to a finished Miglia without damaging the paintwork, never mind the bad back you'll get leaning over the opening trying to access stuff in the engine bay.

You pays your money you takes your choice.

Oh, and I've sorted the wiring out since that last shot was taken, it's all properly loomed and the lights now have quick release connectors fitted.

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