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Tribute - Apologies for the thread hi-jack below Chris, but the first Speedster body shell looks good.

My understanding from reading various Miglia build threads is that is is the internal framework than could do with some tweaks.
( Somewhere to mount the handbrake, relocate the pedal mounting plate, etc. )

Good luck, Paul.

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Originally Posted by EL PRIMER View Post
You are right Dave , the shells do look good . Shiney bodies always do .

I have to question the time and effort put in to the design though .

A little History lesson for you - Sammio were commissioned a few years back to build a Sammio on a Spartan chassis . The layout of the steering , pedals etc meant that a stock Sammio wouldn't fit . It was discovered though that a Cordite body fitted putting the cockpit in the right place but left a huge gap between bonnet and bulkhead. Gary J made the decision to lengthen the bonnet at the rear to give the vehicle a longer nose .
So at this point we have a Cordite bodied , longer bonneted Sammio with set back pedals and steering - all created by Sammio Motor Cars .
The customer took ownership , was happy with the design , but after a few months decided it wasnt going to get built , offering it back to Sammio as they may have been interested in finishing ...Mike bought it.
He then proceeded to perform his bodyworking skills and straighten most of it out , not everything as any Miglia builder will know , but made it a lot better than a Cordite . The portholes that had been pidgeonholed from the G46 project were added to the blank area of wing that looked too long and hey presto !!
The original Spartan chassis'd car is the one that reputedly sold in Germany for an awful lot of money a few years back .

So , time and effort put into straightening out , creating shiney moulds etc. - YES
Time and effort put into the design - NO

So Mike deserves no credit for the Miglia's design, because it is based on a long nose version of the Cordite that was designed by Gary and created by Sammio Motor Cars?

Which by your logic surely means that Gary J and Sammio Motor Cars should also be given the full credit for the time and effort that went into the design of the original Cordite too?
( See photo of Cordite moulds below. )

Rather than a history lesson, why don't you give us a honesty lesson regarding the number of different user names someone should have on the same forum?

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