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The very checkered history of Sammio/Ribble/Miglia is well documented and often repeated on this forum by many different people from many points of view and professional standpoints. I know that everyone is aware of the various "issues" that the Sammio/Miglia bodies have, which were made even worse in the case of the Ribble Navigator "make over" (I have Andy Powell's permission to destroy those body moulds, which are currently buried under a stack of other moulds at my workshop). Out of interest I will dig out the Ribble/Sammio moulds and put them next to the Miglia moulds and post some pictures up.

Having had the chance to look at a Miglia body first hand after producing one at the Tribute workshop, it is now clear to see honestly that it is what it is, a smoothed out stretched Sammio Cordite body with the flip front bonded on and a bonnet opening added. That said, after all the previous troubles and mud slinging in the past, it is very important to remember that it is (and always has been) possible to build a very good looking period sports car from a Sammio or Miglia kit, even without major alterations to the bodywork. There are many, many examples of finished cars on this very forum that show this. Mike Moore is now offering the Sammio Spyder bodies for sale too, there is still interest in the original Concept, and I believe as long as donors can be found there always will be.

As of Friday the Miglia frame jig (including a Basic Frame) was delivered to my workshop. When time allows I will assess what needs to be altered, if anything, and offer the Miglia Kits for sale at a price which I feel is realistic.

It's Sunday morning, time to relax.....

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