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Default Bonnet continued..

Now to deal with the gap at the front, first was to cut out a piece of ply to take the shape at the front

Then the leading edge was sanded down to remove most of the step were the ply meets the MDF

Next was to fit the board, it was placed into position and wedged at the rear to maintain the shape at the top then screwed at the front to secure.

Next it was off to the shop to buy some modelling clay, this was applied over the board and around the edges to smooth out the required shape.

This was then left to cure over night……………………… total disaster in the morning the clay had shrunk something rotten and cracked all over the place leaving all that work a total mess so it was all removed ready for a re-think, mind you I wasn’t really happy with how it looked anyway so nothing really lost apart from more time.

I made up some fibreglass strips in readiness for my next cunning plan..

A change of thought so as to add some shape into the bulge, I removed the board then cut it to form vents, hmm that may look better I thought so the next thing was back off to the shop.

Arrived home now armed with plasticine, that won’t dry and shrink so back with shaping, I was going to shape the plasticine into what I liked and make it a bit smaller than required, cover it with cling film and glass over, then remove the plasticine, refit and bond in the glassed shape and apply P38 over to finish and sand to blend.

Right off I went

Hmm this if starting to look like a naff American muscle car, not the image I wanted so had to have a re-think.

Ha I know, I have a intercooler scoop from a Suburu, I could incorporate that I thought, so I removed the plasticine and placed it onto the bonnet to see what I thought…

That’s it.. it will keep the looks of an old English sports car, Aston Martin, Austin Healey sort of thing, so got the old grey matter working again and made a start…

More MDF was required so back to the shop….

First cut to rough size and mark out the shape and lay in place,

Then mark out the underside of the front edge for feathering then sand the front edge down

The front edge was sanded down checking the profile at each line to check progress until about 2mm thickness of the front edge was left.
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