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Default Bonnet continued

Right , I hope all had a merry Christmas and received all the parts you require to finish your projects, I have sent the wife back to work and now I can continue with mine….

The scoop for the bonnet has protruding fixing points so I fettled out the plug to suit

Once completed I gave it a quick coat of satin black to find more imperfections and also sealing the bare MDF.

More filler required, so applied around areas to fill any imperfections, hmmm been here several times and getting quite fed up with chasing my tail, I have decided that any small problem areas that remain will be cleaned up from the mould, first I will only need to do some light rubbing down and second the gel coat will be more forgiving as the gel coat is a lot harder than the plug.

Final rubdown and repaint… mask around the car and plug supports and ready to go..

Applied a liberal amount of mould release agent….

Now to hope for the best, a covering of gel coat, I really hope it all releases after all this prep work….

Now the waiting game for a good few hours and then for the glass……
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