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Originally Posted by K.C.NewbieUk View Post
Cool, so this was your first project I take it.
Do you think from your experience, you would be
Able to tackle something a bit more complex having
Done what you have with your present build.
Can you see yourself with another project further down road.
I can imagine it would be such a buzz having completed your
First build, regardless of what stage you started at within the build.
Are you able to put a shot up.
I will have to look out some pics, I sold it about 10 years ago to pay for my wife's dental work. Look up NGTF and imagine it inLotus Red. But the truth is, open top, flat screen kits are not a lot of fun above 50 mph in my opinion except for the thrill of the acceleration, but that is just me tuned to comfort. The trick is to break it down into projects, and the car is the programme. Lucky LM will have more, better advice. I'd guess add 50 percent to his Cobra build time. The Cobra kits were all pretty well honed, with bags of advice from fellow builders.
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