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Default Recommended Engine Preparation

I've been slowly working through a Roadrunner SR2 build (thread in the 7 style forum) and I can see the engine /gearbox swiftly approaching. The TL;DR question is `how do I decide what to do and what not to do in preparing the engine / gearbox for my build?`

Some facts to go with this
  • I'd class myself very much as an amateur in training. I've changed single cam head gaskets on a couple of different cars, stripped down my MX5 donor (including lifting off the shell from the powerframe) and re-packed the CV joints. That's about as deep and involved as I've gotten so far.
  • I'm absolutely on a budget. I'll be getting a loom and Canem's ECU from Roadrunner. Everything else will be pretty much stock on the first pass and until I get to know the completed car
  • The engine & gearbox came from a mx5 1.8i 700 donor with 100k miles and a good service history. I drove this hard for 3 months to see if anything popped. Pulled smoothly and the gearbox felt fine
  • Since then it has stood for 5 years with the original oil in it

A list of what I plan on doing (helpfully refined by redratbike and peterux below)
  • Split and replace the clutch (this is one area I may uprate a little)
  • Test compression
  • Remove and clean out the sump (as the engine has been sat for 5 years)
  • Clean up and paint the block / rocker cover
  • Replace cam belt
  • Replace auxiliary drive belt
  • Replace thermostat
  • Replace water pump
  • Replace filters & oil (check for metal)
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Remove rocker cover and smother camshafts in engine assembly lubricant
  • Remove the powerframe bracket from the gearbox (this is for clearance in the transmission tunnel on the chassis)
  • Before starting remove spark plugs and crank engine to get some oil pressure

I`m open to any critique / advice / pointers please. I`m just getting started on research and figured an open question is a good place to start �� I'll come back and update this post with the list I arrive at

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