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Originally Posted by rossnzwpi View Post
Hey Welshkiwi, another Aucklander here. I'm following your build and plans avidly. I'm not sure if you have those front indicators yet but I think they are the same as my old Lancia Fulvia. These are around. Lancia parts are available from specialists - I think there's someone in Hamilton selling them, certainly in Australia there are Lancia specialists with them. As an (expensive) example - Mr Fiat in USA sells them:

One place to ask for all things Fiat, Ferrari, Lancia, Alfa (classic and new) is Mal Simmonds at Dino Services in Cambridge - there's nothing he doesn't know about them and a nice guy to chat about alternative trim and lights with.
Good luck with the build!
Hi Ross, great to hear someone with the similar passion is in NZ and in Auckland! Thanks so much for the contact and hints for items, as far as lights go I am all sorted apart from the main headlights - Just trying to work out whether I go sealed pods/bodies which will mean access required through the headlight cover or semi/sealed H4 with pilot and some rearwards protection of the loom/connectors etc. I may have to wait until the kit arrives to see how much room I have got. I have the Italian teardrop side repeaters, carello glass clear indicators (see previous post) and Chris in the uK has already received the Lancia Stratos/Ferrari-esque rear assy's with centre strip reflector.
Have been in contact with Chris recently and hoping for some updates soon. Keep in touch! (I will look into the hints you have given me!) Cheers.
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